Post Cosmetic Surgery Garments - Welcome

Welcome to Home Recovery™, a leading supplier of Post Cosmetic Surgery Products. For over 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to finding the “best of the best” for your home recovery. We have consulted with dozens of respected surgeons, nurses and cosmetic patients to find the leading products available to improve the experience of your home recovery and well being.

We have created a one-stop resource that you can always trust to have the highest quality products needed for all cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. At Home Recovery™, we have thoroughly researched all items for healing benefits, product quality and effectiveness, allowing you to mentally prepare for the new you. Our products include abdominal wraps, men’s and women’s stage one and two compression garments (high-back, mid, lower body, and below knee), augmentation support bras (with or without implant stabilizers), post-op face/facial care items, plastic surgery skin care, health, beauty and comfort accessories.

Working with our group of medical advisors; we have also created our all-inclusive Home Recovery Kits™. These procedure specific kits include a variety of proven healing essentials designed to make the recovery process quicker and more comfortable. We believe that when it comes to recuperating comfortably, there’s no place like home. For questions or product information simply Contact Us online or call 662-842-0179.

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